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Welcome to Rangbhoomi Spaces, your ideal destination for booking space for rehearsals. Our versatile and well-equipped auditorium provides the perfect setting for Play Rehearsals, Dance Rehearsals, Tech Runs, and Event Set-Ups. At Rangbhoomi, we understand the significance of rehearsal spaces in nurturing artistic excellence, and we are dedicated to supporting artists in their creative endeavors.

Play Rehearsals: Our auditorium offers a spacious and inspiring environment for theater troupes to rehearse and bring their stories to life. With top-notch acoustics and a professional stage setup, artists can fine-tune their performances and perfect every scene, ensuring a flawless theatrical experience for the audience.

Dance Rehearsals: Let the rhythm flow and the movements come alive as dancers practice their artistry at Rangbhoomi. Our well-lit and spacious auditorium provides ample room for dancers to rehearse their choreographies, allowing them to unleash their creativity and refine their performances.

Tech Runs: For a seamless and impressive show, our Tech Run rehearsals offer the usage of sound and light equipment, complete with an in-house technician to handle the technical aspects. This service is provided over and above the show booking, ensuring that every performance is flawlessly executed with perfect sound and lighting cues.

Event Set-Ups: Rangbhoomi Spaces is the ideal venue for event organizers to prepare and set up their shows or cultural events. Our team works closely with event planners to ensure a smooth and efficient setup, providing all the necessary amenities and technical support for a successful event.

With personalized attention and dedicated support, Rangbhoomi Spaces offers the perfect platform for artists, performers, and event organizers to bring their artistic visions to life. We take pride in being the artistic sanctuary where creativity thrives, and artists can rehearse, collaborate, and shine in their artistic journey. Step into Rangbhoomi and experience a rehearsal space like no other, where art blossoms and dreams take center stage.

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